Scott Jacky maps irrigation

Irrigation Mapping

A map of an irrigation system is a powerful tool in managing a farm. Once the pipe trenches are filled, most growers count on the memory of a couple of employees to identify where a system is buried. Red Rooster Consulting has two services which can help you take the mystery out of where your irrigation system lies:

  • Map of Existing Systems: RRC is capable of locating buried PVC and PE pipe as well as all other types of pipe. Our technology can also determine the diameter of the pipe and thus be able to locate where the pipe diameter changes. With this technology, RRC can find and map your buried pipe as well as tie it together with above ground irrigation features, and then deliver an AutoCAD drawing of your entire system to you.
  • Map of New Systems: Before you fill in the trenches, RRC can create an exact map of your new irrigation system, including the above ground and underground features like pipe, elbows, and tees. This map would be an exact replica of your entire system, and a useful tool for managing your ranch in the future. Mapping with open trenches is more cost effective than mapping after the pipes are buried.
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