Find Buried Pipe

Red Rooster Consulting has the technology to find buried PVC or PE pipe. In fact, we can find almost anything buried underground, from sewer pipe, to irrigation systems, to concrete vaults, to Jimmy Hoffa’s grave. This technology is not limited just to pipe – we can locate almost any object that causes a change of density in its surrounding substrate, concrete slabs included. The applications of this technology are endless!

  • Pre-Planting for Agriculture: We can locate and flag your existing main and sub main lines, whether it is PVC or another material. This will allow you to avoid them during soil prep, and tie them into your new system.
  • Residential and Commercial Landscaping: RRC’s capability to locate PVC pipe gives the contractor the opportunity to re-use existing lines and save their clients’ money. We can locate and flag existing systems, so you can reuse any existing pipe.
  • Warehouse Utilities: Save money on remodels by locating pre-existing rebar, conduit and other systems. Our technology can even find pipe and conduit inside a concrete slab! For new construction, RRC could use this technology in combination with high accuracy GPS to provide a map of the warehouse utilities.
  • Construction and Demolition: Prior to grading, our technology can pinpoint buried obstacles before you dig. This will enable you to salvage, or avoid, objects on your jobsite.
  • Public Utilities: RRC is not a locating company, but we can help you find obstacles, particularly if you need to find PVC pipe.
  • Other Industries: There are many other applications in Agriculture as well as other industries. If you are curious about our technology being applied to your problem, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to see if we can provide a solution.